Thursday, March 28, 2013

Raw Desserts

raw vanilla moonie pie

Oh my.  If you ever want to impress company, download Sweetly Raw's Raw Chocolate Dream eBook and get busy in the kitchen! 

Sweetly Raw was one of the first websites that piqued my interest in raw foods.  While I no longer eat raw all the time, I still enjoy the occasional raw dessert (made of nuts and plant ingredients), as opposed to a processed junk food dessert (like those Samoas TH bought, which I had to hide deep in the freezer, underneath last season's freezer burned salmon).

Here are a few versions of the recipes available to you in Raw Chocolate Dream:

My very favorite, the Mint Moonie Pie.  Made with fresh mint, this is refreshingly decadent.  

raw mint moonie pie

Caramel Peanut Chocolate Bars 
I used raw jungle peanuts; they remind me of a Snickers.  

raw snickers

 Coconut Truffles

raw coconut truffles

What do you think?  Are all calories the same, or do you think it's "healthier" to have a homemade chocolate treat over a processed chocolate bar? 

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