Monday, March 4, 2013


For the past three years my yoga practice has consisted of my DVD collection and the occasional class while vacationing.  After moving to our small town from Wasilla I missed my regular yoga classes, but I gradually learned to adore Shiva Rea. However,  when I could recite her cues on every DVD , word for word, I realized it was time for a change.

Coincidentally, right about that time my dear Texan friend, Bonnie, recommended Yogaglo.

Yogaglo is a subscription website that offers over one thousand yoga classes from a variety of instructors and in a wide range of styles and levels.  You can try Yogalo free for fifteen days.  If you decide you would like a subscription the cost is only $18 a month.  That is often the price of one Bikhram class!  What a I love about Yogaglo:

  • The amazing instructors.  My current fave is Kathryn Budig (I pretend we are BFFs), but I've learned something from every yogi whose class I've taken. 
  • There are classes ranging from five minutes to two hours.
  • The highest level I can do semi-successfully is 2/3.  That means I have so much to learn before I can even delve into the level 3 classes.  Very exciting. 
  • The site offers tutorials on several poses, a beginner center, a section specifically geared towards teens, and the ability to track your practice. 
I used to think about yoga as an obligation, something I needed to do to make my body feel better each evening.  Now I eagerly anticipate my practice every day.  I love every minute of it, especially when it is challenging. I am obsessed!

Anyone else tried Yogaglo? 

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