Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Restaurant Review: Austin, Texas

highball bowling austin

Whoah, we weren't in Alaska anymore.  Gold plated walls.  Red leather bar.  Servers with sassily ironic mustaches. Cheese plates in a BOWLING ALLEY.

We were visiting my brother in Austin, Texas, with SXSW hangovers to cure.  Zach suggested we bowl a few frames, which sounded worse than sticking my tongue in an electrical outlet- until he mentioned the $1 mimosas.

The Highball is not your typical bowling alley.  The lanes are vintage, the carpet is clean, and the scoring tables are manual (fairly tricky with $1 mimosas).  More importantly, a menu glimpse:

highball bowling menu

Shoes were changed, bets were placed, the strike-shimmy was created.  By the time we finished lunch and a second frame (I'm pretty sure I won), our enthusiasm for another night of SXSW was successfully revived.

A visit to the Highball is an excellent opportunity to break up the typical Austin circuit of bars and shows.  Although I believe $1 mimosas may have been removed from the menu.  (That may have been our fault.  Sorry about that.)

What's the best quirky locale you've enjoyed while vacationing? 

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