Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stitch Fix #3

A few weeks ago TH and I were doing a bit of cocktailing and our conversation somehow turned to Stitch Fix.

Me:  "It's been a while since I ordered a box."
TH:  "You should schedule a delivery."
Me:  "What?" (quickly refilling his drink)
TH:  "I don't think you spend enough money on clothes."
Me:  Is he being sarcastic? Is this some kind of reverse psychology? [refilling his cocktail] How should I play this? "You're saying you think I should set up a Stitch Fix shipment?"
TH: "Yes, you should spend more money on clothes."

When I reminded him about our conversation the next morning, by yelling, "Tap tap no takebacks!", he simply repeated the notion that I should spend more money.  Something strange is going on here, but I guess for now, I win....?

stitch fix

stitch fix materials

I had asked for summery travel items this go about, and my girl delivered.  The sweetheart dress (with the white star print) was my favorite.  I also kept the earrings (so original!) and the "front tie feather blouse", which has a really pretty peacock print.  I liked the other two items, but as I already have similar things I decided to send them back.

Question: What are you looking forward to wearing this summer? 


  1. That is this mystical and magical Stitch Fix? Must check it out...

    1. Yes, I couldn't resist when I heard about it. Who doesn't love a package full of surprises? I schedule the boxes to arrive on Mondays (a tricky way to be excited about the weekend ending). :)