Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where's My Spring?

alpacka rafts Alaska late this year.  For the past two weeks we've had snow or below zero temperatures every day.

This has many potential repercussions (short summer, late salmon, ice jams in the rivers which lead to floods), but right now I am most worried about the Alaskan lottery.

nenana ice classic

Every year I buy tickets to guess (down to the minute) when the ice will go out on the Nenana River (about 50 miles south of Fairbanks), knocking over the tripod, and showering some lucky gambler with hundreds of thousands of dollars. A late breakup means many of us selected days that, in all likelihood, will be too early.  
Plus, everyone around here is getting the crazies.  We want to trade our winter boots for Xtratufs, our down coats for down vests, and our white for a little green. 

Alaskan spring
And I really want my $40 to turn into $300,000.  So, Mr. Sun, couldn't you shine just a bit harder (preferably before May 11th at 11:11 pm)?

How do you know when spring has arrived in your area? 

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