Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Buy Sabra?

red pepper hummus

We eat a lot of hummus.  Normally I just throw a can of garbanzo beans in the Vitamix with lemon juice, salt, tahini, and garlic, but today I accidentally dumped in too much salt. Lacking another can of beans to double the batch, I thought of Ani Phyo's Bean-Free Red Pepper Hummus and chopped up a big red pepper to add to the mix.  It gave my girl-next-door hummus a little lipstick.  Add some veggies and Mary's Gone black pepper crackers and that hummus is ready for a party.  

Red Pepper Hummus 
15 ounces garbanzo beans
1 chopped red pepper
1/3 cup tahini
juice of one lemon
3/4 t salt
1 large clove garlic
Blend or food process. Sprinkle with paprika. 

red pepper hummus

Question:  Do you have any tricks for jazzing up hummus? 


  1. Are we on the same wave length or what? I also posted a hummus recipe! Your Red Pepper Hummus sounds great:)

  2. How funny! I will have to post the fake Lara bar pictures soon; they turned out quite tasty. :)