Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Celebrate May in a Lower-Calorie Way

lower calorie margaritas

Why, you may ask, do I deserve a margarita in the middle of the week?  This was the view from my work window today.

Alaska snow

It's still snowing.  So, I am going to crank up the wood stove, do hot yoga, and then have a

"Let's Pretend It's Not Snowing" Margarita (makes two hearty drinks)
3 shots tequila
1 shot triple sec
10 drops Stevia
juice of seven limes
1/4 cup club soda

Shake all ingredients over ice in a large mason jar.  Salt the rims of two smaller mason jars, fill jars with  thinly sliced limes and ice, pour in margarita mixture.  Think summer thoughts.

lower calorie margaritas

Question: How was your first day of May?

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