Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cocktail Infusions

infusion mint gin cocktail

My wonderful friend, Kelci, gifted me with a box of Teaforte cocktail infusions. After trying them out I immediately ordered five more boxes from Amazon to pass on to others.  They are so much fun!

To enjoy, first pick a flavor and a cocktail recipe from the booklet.  (I enjoy all of the flavors in the sampler box, but my favorite is Lemongrass Mint.)

Teaforte cocktail infusions

 Steep your flavor in your chosen alcohol.

Lemongrass Mint cocktail

Remove the Infusions triangle, add ice and mixer.  For this cocktail I used Alaska Distillery's Bristol Bay Gin (thanks, Andrea!), tonic and a little fresh mint.  There are many other interesting recipes in the booklet which comes in the sampler box.

Teaforte Lemongrass Mint cocktail

This is the perfect crisp, refreshing, slightly sweet, drink to enjoy on the porch in the evening sun.

Question:  What's your go-to summer cocktail? 

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