Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring in Interior Alaska

We may still have bare trees and snow on the ground, but we Alaskans are busily making note of indicators that spring has, in fact, arrived.

swallows in Alaska

Both have returned.  A couple of years ago, TH built several swallow houses and distributed them around our property.  I always thought bird watching was for old people, but I will happily get a crick in my neck, gazing at these little cuties for hours (and I am decidedly not old).  During their breeding season (right now) swallows eat a lot of animal matter in the form of insects, particularly mosquitoes, which is why TH built the boxes in the first place.  This is the plan he used: 

In spite of all that snow in the background, eating outside is really lovely right now.

Alaska spring skiing

The spring fashion scene in Alaska is filled with down vests, Xtratufs and Bogs.

pussy willows

These little buds are beginning to make their first appearance; quite late this year.  The fur helps to insulate their reproductive parts in the crisp spring air.

sunset Denali

We are right around the corner from 24 hour daylight.  It is incredibly tricky to get to bed at a decent hour when your body feels biologically stimulated to stay up until dark.

Our spring has been rather prolonged this year, but summer is finally signaling her approach.

Question:  Have you had a strange year weather wise?  Does normal weather even 
exist any more? 

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