Sunday, September 15, 2013

Buti Fitness

Earlier this summer I stumbled upon Buti Fitness workouts when I was looking for portable, but challenging, exercise for traveling. I was hooked after my first workout. After trying all of the free online videos I bought the $35.99 "30 Day Slimdown", as I soon wanted more.  Upon purchase I received a link and password to: 

1. Thirty days of meal plans. Bizzie advocates a grain and dairy free diet (I like that), but it's a plan that would leave my tummy rumbling. While I tried some of the recipes, I'm not interested in following her diet plan right now, mostly because the word "diet" makes me all panicky. 

2. Twenty video workouts. The video production is not that amazing, and you can only stream (not download) but I LOVE them. Although they are tough (shoulder/ab/butt/thigh burners) they are so much fun that it doesn't feel like working out. I prefer the "Tone" workouts, but the "Sculpt" videos are nice for when you don't have much time and want a quick cardio burst. 

Below I've embedded the free workouts that are available on line.

Sample Tone Workouts:

Sample BUTI Tone Workout from Bizzie Gold on Vimeo.

Sample BUTI Tone Workout B from Bizzie Gold on Vimeo.

Sample Sculpt Workout:

Sample BUTI Sculpt Workout from Bizzie Gold on Vimeo.

Have fun, and let me know what you think! 


  1. Lol! I just did the same things you did..tried Buti online, bought the 30 Day SD. Thank you for talking about the diet. I feel the same way & any type of plan leaves me panicky.

    1. Hi Gia! Thanks for your comment. :) How are you liking the 30 Day videos?