Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finally, Snow!

finally snow

The weather has been strange this fall. We've consistently enjoyed warmer temperatures than many cities in the Lower 48, and the snowmachiners and skiers have been lamenting the abysmal snowfall.  No doubt about it, the winter had been EASY.  And then last week it started snowing... and didn't stop for two days.

Puerto Morelos


(...continued...) Desination #3: Puerto Morelos

We love this sweet little town. Interestingly, on this visit, we had a sense that the area had been through a boom-bust cycle. It seemed a little... deserted...? As we walked up and down the beach we saw many empty hotels and homes. Two of our favorite restaurants in the square had also closed shop, which was sad.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Southern Yucatan, Fancified

getting fancy

The last time we visited the southern Yucatan Peninusla we were poorer, younger, and tougher. As we prepared for a return visit to celebrate the completion of a master's program and the end of a semester spent attempting to engage teenage brains we decided to reward our general amazingness.