Saturday, January 31, 2015

Puerto Morelos


(...continued...) Desination #3: Puerto Morelos

We love this sweet little town. Interestingly, on this visit, we had a sense that the area had been through a boom-bust cycle. It seemed a little... deserted...? As we walked up and down the beach we saw many empty hotels and homes. Two of our favorite restaurants in the square had also closed shop, which was sad.

After "camping" in Punta Allen we treated ourselves to some pretty sweet digs, a beachside condo at Palma Real. We each had our own bathroom. This was fancy.

palma real

Puerto Morelos is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The town is low-key, the locals are incredibly welcoming, and there are many tasty restaurants. At night the ritzier cafes set up tables that spill from the sidewalks into the street, filled with sun-kissed patrons dining al fresco, swirling beautiful glasses of wine under the stars. It's very European, in a small-town, Mexican way, of course.


candy shop

pink restaurant

With a location a mere twenty minutes from Cancun, it is impressive that Puerto Morelos manages to maintain such a low-key, relaxed vibe. This was the perfect place to recharge our batteries and fully decompress.

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