Alaska Things

Alaska is a place of epic and diverse wilderness. From the windswept tundra of the North Slope, to the rainforests of the Southeast, it's a land of majestic extremes. The people here, like our diverse natural surroundings, range in character from Carhart-clad old-timers to Nordstrom-shopping fashionistas, from staunch conservatives to passionate liberals. But Alaska residents share a common sense of rugged independence and we collectively survive dark, frigid winters so we can emerge nine months later into constant daylight and the physical and creative energy that it brings.  Most Alaskans can easily find a place in which to get lost, to be utterly alone in pristine wilderness. We value our time outside, and understand the vital relationship between nature and physical and mental health. 

As a teenager in Fairbanks, I couldn't wait to escape and see the world. I didn't expect to return so soon after college, but I found I missed that sense of realness, of extremity, of vastness, that is vibrantly alive in Alaska. I still love to explore other parts of the earth, but I feel so grateful to be grounded in the fact that Alaska will always be my home. 

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