Healthy Things

I love a good sweat. During the dark and cold winter months I rely a lot on DVDs and online workouts, as the nearest gym is fifty miles away.  I enjoy sharing about how to stay in shape- gym not required.

My girl, Jillian

My guy, Shaun T.

I find Tabata sessions online (ex: from the Fitnessista) or create single tabatas based on Jillian DVDs, sticking them together for a quick twenty minute heart-burner.  

I crank up the wood stove (95 degrees is my goal) and prepare to sweat.  Obsessed.  

Playing Outside
is also a part of my cabin fever-reliever regimen; for me being outdoors eliminates both mental and physical toxins. I have a rule that seems to help with the winter doldrums: I must go outside for at least thirty minutes every day. For most of the year that consists of a walk around my neighborhood in the dark after work, but on the weekends I have more freedom to get outdoors when it's light. 

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